The Most Boring Blog In TheWorld


The Most Boring Blog In The World? Not at all, this video blog is far from that. The vLog is owned by an active blogger who posts videos very frequently. Checkout his latest video post if you like bouncing boobs 😉


Mark the comedian

markdaycomedy: vLog for parody purposes only

Mark is another talented comedian who hosts his blog on wordpress. He is a scottisch comedian and video maker who lives in San Francisco. He is one of those unpredictable comedians who sometimes has ideas like sending hip hop gangsters to war in Iraq😀 This guy is really funny, I recently watched his latest parody about Britney Spears crotch.

10 Daily Videos?

10 Daily Things is a blog that logs 10 interesting things everyday, depending on what the blog-author (Stelios) finds interesting. One of the things he likes are funny videos, accident videos and he also has passion for sports.

Digital Punch – Technology Reviews

I’ll start off with one of my favourite video blogs on wordpress, Digital Punch. Digital punch is a very new vLog that introduces new technologies and reviews high-tech products as they hit the market. I’m sure you’ll find a review that will interest you. Maybe you are looking for a new High-Definition TV and can’t decide between a plasma tv and an LCD? From Mp3 player reviews to night-vision goggles, Digital Punch has it all!